NQM Luftwaffe Orbats

Chris Kemp’s Not Quite Mechanised
German Air Force (Luftwaffe)
Airfield HQ   1 Comd in  Staff Car (s3),  Control Tower Van (s3)
Gruppen x 2-4 1 Aircraft (See notes below)(s3-4) (Each strength point, a Staffel)
Ground Sp  1-6 Ground Sp Crews(s3), Fuel Bowser, Fire Truck and Crew (s3), Ammo Tender (s3)

Luftwaffe ground crew

At the operational level – Luftflotten, Fliegerkorps

At operational level, the Luftwaffe was divided into Luftflotten (Air fleets). Each Luftflotte contained several Fliegerkorps, which had several Geschwader, but also independent Staffeln and Kampfgruppen attached. Operational aircraft strengths fluctuated wildly.
At the tactical level – Geschwader, Gruppe and Staffel
A Geschwader  would be roughly equal an  RAF Group and comprised about 100-120 aircraft.
The following aircraft types were used by the Luftwaffe. I have not included purely Strategic Aircraft, Trainers or Night fighters, nor aircraft where only small numbers saw service at the very end of the war. , I have included the German designation, (first operational use) and [Type]. If I have been able to determine, I have given operational areas and any comments that help: If it looks a bit like an easily available aircraft that it can be modelled from, I have noted that. The main source for this section is Gunston, B. (1978) Combat Aircraft of WWII. Arranged by date of entry into service


Junkers Ju52. (1934), [Transport, Bomber].


 Heinkel He111 (1936) [Medium Bomber]
Henschel Hs123. (1936), [Dive Bomber, Close Support].
Junkers Ju86. (1936), [Recce, Bomber].

1/144 Stuka from the Author's collection
Tankbusting Stuka JU87 G (from the Author's collection)
Junkers Ju290. (1936), [Transport, Bomber]. Transport used at Stalingrad.


Dornier Do17. (1937), [ Med Bomber & Recce].
Feisler Storch Fi156 (1937) [STOL Army Cooperation. All Fronts(Tankzone model from the Author's collection)
Diecast 1/100 ME109 from the Author's collection


Arado Ar196. (1939), [ Recce Seaplane]. Saw service in the Black Sea and Med.

Junkers Ju88 (1939) [Medium Bomber]

Messerschmitt Bf110. (1939), [Fighter].


Dornier Do217. (1940), [ Med Bomber, & Recce].
Focke Wulf Fw 189 Uhu. (1940), [Close Support Recce]. Widely used on Eastern Front. (Conversion from a P-38 Lightning by the Author)
Focke-Wulf  Fw190. (1940), [Fighter-Bomber]. Widely used on all Fronts.*
Gotha Go145. (1940), [Night Attack]. 6 Geschwader used on Eastern Front.


Blohm und Voss Bv138. (1941), [ Recce Flying Boat]. Saw service in the Black Sea and Med.


Henschel Hs129. (1942), [Close Support]. Purpose built tankbuster.*


Messerschmidt Me262 (1944). [Fighter Bomber]. Only included because Tim Gow gave me two :O)
   *Some pictures from http://www.tankzone.co.uk

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