Sunday, 30 June 2013

Kayaking in Slovenia - Off Topic

The last week has been spent AWOL in Slovenia, Kayaking the Soca River in the Julian Alps. I last went two years ago and was impressed that the second visit was just as good. We were lucky with the weather – 30 to 33 degrees Celsius with constant sun. This is important when you are kayaking in glacial melt or alpine rivers. The Slovenes are good-natured and tolerant, and the Kayaking was world-class grade 2-5, so there was something for everyone. Being a bit of relaxed old biffer myself nowadays, I stuck to the grade 3 stuff and had a mostly undemanding  time. If it is too hot on a river, you just roll over to cool down :

It still looks as if I know what I'm doing at this point!

But actually ... I don't

Rolling on a pourover is a bad plan - fail 1!

So is rolling upstream on a boil line - fail 2
Persisting with roll 3

Still in the froth, but coming up ...

Nul points for style , but hey!

For the record, this is a wargamer wearing a hat! The Soca valley was the site of a major border battle with Italy in WW1.