Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Men Against Fruit - Ladies Night

Genevieve Griffiths came to Knuston Hall recently for a calligraphy course, so in her honour  "Men Against Fruit"  was played as an after-dinner game. The menu comprised :

Proscuttio Ham, Olives and Chorizo


Poule Genevieve with Winter Vegetables


Stinky French Cheeses


Fruit Flambee

 Here are the men ...

... and here is the fruit. Casualties are already mounting!

 Ladies Night.

Three cornered MAF  is a fast brutal game, and so it proved this time, with the game only lasting 9 rounds - the minimum possible with 3 players each owning 3 figures. This game was set in the mahogany forest and wild orange groves of the Congo, with Beastly Belgians, Awful Askaris and Surly Sikhs shooting it out. No-one survived for long enough to reach the fabled lost Japanese temple of Te-Cup in the centre of the forest! 

 Shot in the back by my adorable spouse. Even Genevieve is wincing!

Your humble correspondent was startled by the bloodthirstiness displayed by the two ladies once the rules of the game were explained, and his Sikhs were the first to succumb to bullets whispering through the trees. Faulty memory and a couple of bottles of wine contributed to reports of the winner being lost in transit from the interior, leaving only bleached bones and rumours of fabulous treasure. Gentle reader, rest assured that any lingering aroma of decay was solely due to the Stinky French Cheese course and not rotting corpses in the jungle.


1. Place or move a single figure, then shoot if a line of sight can be traced from the firer's eyes to any part of the target's body (not sticky-out rifle or bayonet).
2. Players place or move, and shoot, as a single action. When they have finished, the next player takes their turn.
3. All the other detail that may come up can be covered by house rules. The host's responsibility is to ensure that guests do not run dry during play, and that strategic fruit cover is not consumed at critical junctures of the game.