Friday, 12 April 2013

Italian Divisional HQ Company or Segnali Sospetti

These hotwheels trucks have been sitting around in the "to do" pile until the muse strikes. The original truck is at the top right, with a cut down 4 wheel below it. The cab looks pretty modern at the moment.

The only decent references for Italian HQ signals vehicles that I could find were for General Bergonzoli's big Lancia caravan, as ably executed by Tradgardemastre, or the 6-wheel Dovunque office-bodied signals van seen below.

I thought that perhaps a captured British signals body might be quick, easy and suitably generic. It was, but the model still looks modern. Adding a grille to the front helped, but surprisingly, getting rid of the blue finish made more of a difference, as did removing the little dropped front to the froward side windows. Painted detail will do the rest. the final result is a  vaguely convincing hybrid remeniscent of an Alfa Romeo 800 cum Fiat 626.

I did however, find a very convincing Dovunque spa 35 conversion from, of all things, an American RoCo GMC 2.5 ton truck. Full marks to "Grumble"  for seeing the possibilities inherent there.

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