Thursday, 4 April 2013

Ground Crew Markers Work in Progress

Prior to the GAZALA game all my ground crew markers were on irregular sizes of bases, and not very many of them at that. Recycling some existing 30mm bases, and adding a few "Brits Drinking Tea" from Peter Pig with spare Old Glory Italians, gave me 24 ground crew markers. This should be enough to get a dozen squadrons into the air on each side of the battle.

Markers like these give plenty of scope for using up odd figures that can't find a home anywhere else. they also give plenty of scope for vignettes. Tim Gow has some nice examples of the art in his ground crew.

Guarding stuff to stop it walking off. Brits above, Italians below.

Tapping stuff to see if it really is disarmed!

Fire crew on standby. The chaps on the left are from Peter Pig's old Sci-Fi range.

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