Thursday, 18 April 2013

Camo Campervan -More Hotwheel Horror!

Not content with turning a perfectly good hotwheel truck into a Signal Van, I thought that it ought to be possible to make an office body truck that was closer to a Dovunque Carro Segnali.

 More Campervan than Signals Van at this stage.

The main drawback to the hotwheel front is that it looks more like a Fiat 626 or Alfa Romeo 800, so I overcame the problem by ignoring it! Liberal use of wood, plasticard and miliput gave an approximation of the body. A couple of leftover Pz III idler wheels suggested the two spare wheels behind the cab and paint did the rest. All I can claim for this conversion is that it looks "vaguely Italian". Buried in amongst the rest of Ariete armoured division, it should pass muster.

I'm sure Tim Gow would be happy to call this a "Dodgy Dovunque"!
More shading and weathering to follow (Who am I kidding? It will sit like this for the next 5 years!)


  1. Time provides the very best weathering....even if it's just (at least here) a coat of Texas dust

  2. It should pick up a nice patina of dust on my shelf over the next 5 years Don :O)