Thursday, 28 March 2013

Pin Markers

Fed up of finding ball pins stuck to your fingers? Hit markers come to the rescue! To save having to ladle heaps of pins onto your brigade or even division after a particularly heavy round of fighting, this marker doubles as a divisional first aid post and an on-table record.
The green (light), blue (medium) and black (heavy) pin records units. The white pin records tens.
It is easier to count up hits at a glance when a morale calculation needs to be made.
When the unit reorganises, black pins are still stuck directly onto the stands.
Your friends can use them for their own troops, who may not take kindly to pins chipping their bases. 

 Pin (hit) markers prior to varnishing and base texturing.

I have made the first nine first aid markers to record hits on formations and a pair of ammo marker to record remaining ammunition. Just remember that ammo counts down to zero and hits count up to whatever the unit maximum is.

It doesn't matter how you model the marker. A free stand will work, but the neatest way is to make it an integral part of the model. Cunning players will want to put a canvas tarpaulin over the marker to screen it from enemy recce! Brummy Stokes , who was last seen reading the Racing Times  in the January 2012 Archives, is probably already working out how to turn a fast bob or two from this idea!


  1. Clever Chris, but I'm still not allowed anything sharp....

  2. Non-toxic glitter and poster paint. That's the stuff :O)