What the Regrouping Means

Until this part of the campaign, I had been inspired by Frank Chadwick’s Bathtub Barbarossa campaign, and indeed his approach had been instrumental in producing a maneagable campaign, particularly his Europa series of hex-grid maps.
Frank’s campaign scaled everything down 25 times and instead of 3 German Army Groups invading Russia, he had 3 Corps and the whimsically named Klein Deutschland regiment. Initially, I followed that approach. The time had come though to introduce a more satisfactory (for me that is, nothing wrong with the way Frank did it) scaling system. I kept the original orders of battle but downsized each unit by 3 levels of command, representing an Infantry division with an NQM-sized infantry battalion.

NQM German infantry battalion from the author's collection

It worked for me, but from this point on, the war diaries will have a fracture in them The 3 Far Eastern Corps will disappear to be replaced by their historical units. This last statement is only true to a point, because the NQM Barbarossa campaign has departed somewhat from history already. Proir to this post, all of the battles had been fought using my 20mm collection. In fine Soviet style, all previous  shots of my 15mm collection have been assembled after the event for illustrative propaganda purposes!

German Panzer Battalion from the author's collection. Each model represents approximately 30 tanks