15th and 21st Panzer Divisions Muster


Now that the Plastic soldier Company additions to the DAK have been assembled, a small parade is in order. Work remains to be done, but the divisions could drive out into the desert tomorrow if required. The look that I went with was of mud, or hastily applied dark desert tan, over the original panzer grey. I was struck by the way that  grey showed through in contemporary photographs on the top edges of vehicles where crew had hung on for support, or scuffed the wearing edges climbing into the vehicle, as seen on these examples above.


The grass bases look incongruous and will need fixing somehow. I will probably just replace them with new and reuse the originals somewhere else. 15th Panzer is on the left, and 21st on the right above.



Seen in with the other armour, particularly the PzII, the 1/87 Roco Pz IV looks overscale, but it will do until a suitable replacement arrives. The panzer grenadiers have not been added yet. It looks as if the Germans have overrun an airfield and captured a Dodge fuel bowser!

Mimi Finds his Trousers – Work in Progress

Suzanne has been wondering how Mimi has been coming on.
Here he is …


… and again after a cursory paint job. I don’t think the whole Legion will parade in buff order for battle, but it was fun doing a couple of stands this way. “Andiamo ragazzi!


I think that in future, a few Peter Pig headswops will be the way forward, now that he has an excellent Fascist Fez head (Range 6 – 94), even down to the jaunty angle of the fez and  a curly fringe sticking out at the front!

Dodge/Chevvy Tanker – sort of


Last week has been spent filing and chopping Phil’s articulated Poundland tanker to make something that looks vaguely like a WWII 3-ton tanker.  It looks a bit like a Chevvy or a Dodge, so the Desert Airforce gets this one. I reckon that there are at least three more tanker bodies to be had out of the two semitrailer mouldings. The weakest part of the toy is the hotwheel, so I may yet add some better wheels if I can find a cost-effective source, or the patience to mould some out of Milliput. For now though, the conversion is passable enough to go onto the table.


The background shows all the Sdkfz 251s needed for DAK. Yes, that’s four! I already have 4 metal models, but they are on grassy bases and the Plastic Soldier Company offerings are too good to resist.

Feast of Epiphany – Yes Those Trucks

tankers 022

The festive season was rounded off in style with a duck dinner. Yes That Phil came round with a very decent bottle of Chateaux Margaux ’86, to show off his Pound Shop treasures, and he had a few spare. As it happened, I had a spare Matador to offer in return, so over Port and cheese, when it became permissible to talk wargaming, we sat and happily pushed the trucks around the tabletop as Phil outlined his 2013 plans for Megablitz Squared. Suzanne wandered off at this point to read her new book about the Dunkirk evacuation – Military Truckfests are not her thing.

treasure fleet

Here is the treasure fleet!

Leyland retriever WIP4
Sporting a new quiff and nose bar, the Leyland Retriever continues to take shape.

Leyland retriever WIP5
Bar a few coats of paint, the  Retriever is just about finished now, Cheers Arthur!

Leyland retriever WIP6
Retrieving an SPA Dovunque 35 (for scale comparison). Yes it is a big truck!

Best Christmas Present Ever!

Every small 50-year old boy awaits Christmas with eagerness. This year was no disappointment. In amongst the parental socks and bottles of port were these Pound Shop trucks:

tankers 014

Ignore the Hurricane in the background and the Japanese in loincloths waiting for their shorts to set. Concentrate instead on the wheelbase of these beauties. I thought that I would have to chop up two Zvezda Matadors to make one of these Leyland Retriever recovery trucks, but the Pound Shop chassies are close enough:

eyland retriever wrecker

Notice the Matador cab glued onto the truck on the far right; it turns out that it is the same width as the original diecast if you are not too fussy (and I’m not!) So here is my work-in-progress (WIP) shot of a  Not Quite Accurate workshop unit for one of my UK  armoured divisions:


From the picture above, it is clear that the Matador cab and body are not an exact match, but that the Milliput roof, a girder and a camouflage net with a thick coat of paint will go a long way to fixing that. The cost of the project was a  total of  20p for the chassis and £2.99 for the body with perhaps 20p for the bits. At first I assumed that the anti-gas plate in front of the windscreen was on the wrong side of my reference picture, but viewing more shots showed that this was not so. I will have to correct that before my final coat of paint.

leyland retriever 1JPG

Camouflage net secured using Evostick and copper wire.

leyland retriever 2

Undercoat on.